Say Goodbye To Slow Hosting

No more poorly performing shared hosts. Stop managing complicated server setups and worrying about security and scale. Gone Gorgeous brings you a multi-tenant cloud platform, uniquely tailored to facilitate Website as a Service businesses that uses WordPress open source. We’re offering you a cloud platform that uses Kubernetes’ container orchestration tools to automatically scale and manage highly available digital products to multi-tenancy without ecosystem limitations using AWS cloud services.

Containerized Excellence

Isolated Kubernetes containers that guarantee excellent performance and security for each and every site deployed.

Next-Gen WP Stack

NGINX, PHP 7.3+, Redis and PerconaDB all carefully crafted to squeeze every millisecond of performance out of every WordPress install.

Smart Caching

Auto-detection of the most popular WP caching plugins that implements container-level caching before WordPress is even loaded.

Fully Isolated Sites

Each site has its own dedicated environment, optimized specifically for WordPress. Not only does this maximise performance, it also protects it against bad neighbours unlike with so many shared hosts.

One Click Deploys

Your WordPress blueprint deploys in just 30 seconds. Select > Choose Subscription > Deploy > Customize. It's that easy!

Built-in Security

Automated security scans, a firewall that stops unsafe traffic, and built-in integration with CloudFlare are just some of the many things we take care of behind the scenes.